Our Team



Founding member and project leader Meagan Byrne [Âpihtawikosisân (Métis)] is a graduate from McMaster University, with a B.A honours degree in English Literature, and from Sheridan College, with a B.A in Game Design. Byrne has worked on educational gamification and apps, for the last two years as a game designer and gamification specialist, first at Sheridan College Centre for Teaching and Learning and then later at TVO Kids. Meagan also works as the Digital + Interactive Coordinator at imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival

Second founding member Tara Miller [Maliseet], is a graduate from Sheridan College’s B.A of Animation, has been the artistic lead of Achimostawinan Games from the start. Her distinctive style has been the cornerstone of Achimostawinan Games’ aesthetic appeal.

Team Members

Our team is made up of:
Producer Jai Djwa
Project Manager Davis Heslep
Game/Narrative Designer Meagan Byrne [Âpihtawikosisân]
Programmer Gabi Kim Passos
Sound/Environment Designer Travis Mercredi [Métis]
Environment Designer Taylor McArthur [Néhiyaw]
Character Artist Sadekaronhes Esquivel [Kanien’kehá/Mexican]