Achimostawinan Games is an Indigenous owned and operated video game company dedicated to developing Indigenous games for an Indigenous audience (and the world) while also helping Indigenous artists and communities develop interactive and digital content.

At Achimostawinan Games, we strive to create stories that speak to you. After all, Achimostawinan means, “Tell us a story” in Cree. We believe in crafting original Indigenous stories for an original Indigenous audience.

CBC Article: ‘Indigenous cybernoir’: Video game designers crafting futuristic detective story

Vision & Mission

  • To be a globally established video company known for unique stories and gameplay that reflects an Indigenous perspective
  • To be an established brand in the digital interactive field known for developing a quality product and a commitment to sustainable Indigenous business practices
  • To tell stories that want to be shared in a way that is neither exploitative nor harmful

Founder Meagan Byrne:

“I started Achimostawinan Games in 2016 after finding a sore lack of easily available Indigenously created video games or Indigenous-centered digital content. This became a further frustration when I realized that there were almost no Indigenously owned and operated tech companies or Indigenously owned digital game studios in North America. I saw this as an opportunity to fill a niche and serve an underserved market. As I developed my studio business plan, I realized that there were many groups and communities, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, that had a need for digital interactive expertise that was Indigenously-centered.”