Achimostawinan game designer Meagan Byrne has designed several games and is currently focused on the first major title for the studio.

In Development

Hill Agency: PURITY & decay (working title) is a detective mystery game where you play as a tough as nails P.I. solving everything from petty crimes to global conspiracies all while exploring the various different worlds that make up North America of the future.Hill Agency is 2.5D game with a variety of logic puzzles to uncover the truth. The heart of Hill Agency is discovery through investigation. This involves two parts: Interviews and evidence finding. The player is equipped with a notebook that keeps track of all the people, objects and testimony they have picked up during their investigation. There is no combat in the game, rather players will use deduction, induction and their wits to find out whodunnit.The lead platform will be desktop and Nintendo Switch. Coming in 2021.

Past Projects