Exploring Indigenous Futurism

Exploring Indigenous Futurisms

“Indigenous Futurisms is science fiction which looks to those who came before us to inform the present with hope for the future generations.”

-Elizabeth LaPensée

“What would our world look like on the brink of freedom from colonial oppression?” is the question our team is looking to explore through the world of Hill Agency. The story itself is the first of its kind, an original Indigenous sci-fi detective narrative. Achimostawinan Games is an Indigenously owned and operated studio and the creative team of Hill Agency is majority Indigenous from Turtle Island (North America).

The world of Hill Agency itself calls on many of the tropes and aesthetics of both cyberpunk (such as Neuromancer and Ghost in the Shell) and noir (such as The Maltese Falcon and Touch of Evil) to create a style we call cybernoir.